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Spotty Dog Digital Marketing

(No prizes for guessing how we came up with our name!) 

We want to help whether you’re a client or not.  That’s why we conduct our free reviews to give businesses like yours some takeaway things to focus on (Mr Spot says we give too much information away really) .

We choose to work with people we think we can help.  Our aim is not to bamboozle you with secrecy and jargon, no, we want you to understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Transparency throughout – clear reporting, clear pricing with no hidden extras and no minimum term contracts – is our mission.  Oh and great, friendly, service.

  1. What do we know? We know how to build websites that convert, and we know how to continually optimise them to increase their search engine ranking, leads and sales in 2020.
  2. What do we love? We love seeing client’s results and we love spending time working on SEO and content creation (yes, we are very lucky to have the patience and attention-to-detail/nerdiness required).
  3. What is the outcome of our service? We help you work on your own website and SEO, or we do it for you.  We only suggest strategies to suit your business, and to increase your leads and sales.  We can do this because we cover all areas of digital marketing, and are not focussed on one area that we want to sell eg pay per click advertising.


SEO Devon

Team Spotty out and about in Devon.

Our story

Spotty Dog came out of Jo’s hobby! We moved to Devon in 2014 and Jo had plenty of free time after taking voluntary redundancy after 14 years at The Department of Education building and project managing analysis systems.

In Devon, we initially set up our sister business and Jo built the website. Through word of mouth, she then built some more for friend’s businesses and then learnt about getting them ranking highly, with some great results, and decided to make it official and Spotty Dog was born.

We realised that web design and SEO wasn’t some hidden dark art, or rocket science, as we’d been led to believe. And there’s no need to be scared of it, like many unscrupulous agencies try to make you.

If you follow the same pattern of good keyword research, a simple website, with clear call to actions, plenty of content optimised for keywords and links, you will see results.

We’ve found that people in the UK are either really unaware of how important digital marketing is for a website’s ranking, or they are super wary of SEO agencies. (You do get what you pay for, and cheap can actually damage your site, so please choose your ‘weapon’ carefully!)

Mrs Spot

Our ‘detail person’. The move to Devon a few years ago signalled a change in direction and release of the creative juices. Creative, yes, and practical and resourceful, definitely!

Jo loves the challenge of building, or redesigning, websites that work efficiently and effectively and that get you noticed by Google. It sounds a bit ‘cliché-ish’, but when Jo gets stuck into something she goes the extra mile and won’t let it drop until all parties are happy.

Always learning, she also loves the complexities and technicalities of SEO and analysing websites to come up with the best strategies to get results. Jo is a total advocate of there’s no ‘one size fits all’ in SEO land, and never gets fed up with the detail (unlike Mr Spot!).

Mr Spot

Tim, our MD, has been around the block, growing businesses from scratch, rebuilding failed businesses or gaining brand leadership in chosen markets. He has worked as a Director for British Sugar, Whitworth’s, Vion, Tate and Lyle, RHM Ingredients and Northern Foods. He’s not heard it all, done it all or seen it all, but he’s been to a lot of places and done the ‘hard yards’.  And he knows the food and drink industry in particular inside out.

We wheel him out for a FREE consultation. If you like what he says, or more importantly you tell him, we will build a plan and costing for you. Small or large projects can be covered, but interesting and exciting always comes first. We don’t actually have tails but if the imaginary ones wag we can do something really good together.


 Not sure which digital marketing services you need?

You may have a great product or business and you’re not doing too badly at all.  You will probably have a website, but it’s old and not mobile responsive so people don’t spend time looking at it.  Your old website may not be as easy-to-use and navigate as your biggest competitor. 

Given the choice, potential new customers will choose your competitor with their shiny  website over you, even though you provide a better product or service and you KNOW they’ll come back again and again if you can just get them engaged.

That’s where we come in.  We’re not just a normal website designer and builder.   We can help you get your message and your story across and make people choose your website over your competitors’.

Our FREE Review will give you a clear idea where to focus and let you know how we can help.

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