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How does the free website SEO analysis work?

When you request your free website review, we’ll ask you a few quick questions about your business and digital marketing to date to get a better idea about your needs.  Then one of use will spend half an hour reviewing your website, it’s content and your competitors.

We do this in PERSON, so you’ll get a subjective opinion from a potential customer, as well as from and SEO perspective – there’s no just pressing a button that will send you a generic report.  We have invested in SEO tools to enable us to really dig down into the nitty gritty behind the scenes, so we can give you something totally bespoke to you.

We’ll email you your report within a couple of days (it’s usually be quite lengthy – Mr Spot says we give too much information away!).  In it we’ll suggest some areas that you might want to focus on to improve your website’s visibility, number of visitors and sales.

Your review is totally free and there is no obligation or expectation whatsoever for you to use our services (though obviously we’d love to help you).

What’s included in the free website review?

Competitor analysis

Are you being beaten in the rankings for your most important search queries? What are they doing that you’re not to be in that position?

We’ll take a look at what they’re up to and what they’re ranking for, or not ranking for. Then we will suggest ways to replicate some of their successes and pounce on the gaps.

Design and Usability

We’ll review how easy it is for people to find what they need on your site, understand what you have to offer, and how you’re uniquely positioned to help.

Then we’ll make suggestions about how you could better trigger ‘this is for me’ and boost your conversion rate.

Site visibility and visitors

We’ll see what keywords you’re ranking for and whether there are other, more important ones you’re missing out on.

In your free website SEO analysis we’ll make some suggestions on changes you could make to your content to increase your site’s visibility and increase traffic.


Local visibility

Does your business show up in the ‘map pack‘ at the top of local searches?

We’ll review how well you appear in local searches (if relevant) and give you ideas and methods how you can improve your visibility and increase traffic and sales by achieving top four ranking.

“Thank you for my free review, I was amazed at how much detail Jo went into, and have already put some ideas into action and seen an increase in traffic and leads.”


Your free website SEO analysis will give you an analysis of your website’s online visibility.  We will spot areas that could be boosted and improved straight away to improve your website’s ranking and ability to convert more visitors into sales. The analysis  is a great first step to improve your digital marketing. However, for the best results, we recommend a full SEO Audit.

Who is the free website SEO analysis for?

Really, the review is for anyone who has a website for their business or service.  Anyone who wants to know how, or if, they can improve their online visibility, leads and sales.

We work best with startups, entrepreneurs and small and medium sized businesses to build or improve their existing websites, SEO and content marketing.

What kind of things do you look at?

Like we said all our reviews are done in person so they’re not automatically churned out like many other free ones out there.

As real people, we conduct our analyses from a prospective customer as well as an SEO perspective.  We look at things on your website that trigger ‘this is for me’,  tells us what you do and what you want us to do next.

More specifically we:

  • Look at the page design
  • Will look at the content and compare it with the sites that are ranking in the top ten of Google to see if it contains what Google expects.
  • Will look at how well optimised each of your main pages are and see whether there is a clear action a visitor should take (a call to action).
  • Will look at how well the basic website setup SEO is in place e.g. page title, meta description, images.
  • Will see what keywords you’re ranking for, and where in the search results, and point out some opportunities you’re missing out on at the moment.
  • Will have a dig into what your competitors are doing, and where they’re ranking, and whether there are bits of their strategy you can utilise to improve your ranking.
  • Will look at how well you’re ranking in local searches, if it’s important to your business, and suggest ways you could improve visibility by optimising your Google My Business listing as well as your website.
  • If it’s prudent we’ll have a little look at your social media and paid advertising options, like Google and Facebook ads.


When will I receive my review?

Like we said all our reviews are done in person so they’re not automatically churned out like many other free ones out there.

That being said, it may take two or three days for us to do a proper job and get your review to you.


Do I have to give you my website or analytics passwords?

We do not need to be given access to your WordPress admin or Google Analytics to do our free reviews.

However, for £50+vat, we offer a ‘Spotty Dog Review Plus’ where we also look into your Google Analytics data to find some opportunities and see how well your website is working for you.  We’ll also give very specific tips on how one of your pages could really be boosted in the rankings.

You can apply for the Spotty Dog Plus review when you fill in the form for the free SEO website analysis.



Do I have to use Spotty Dog after the review?

We love helping people, so no, our review is totally free and we hope (well we’re sure) you’ll find our suggestions useful.

SEO isn’t rocket science and anyone can complete the tasks if they have enough time to invest in learning and doing.

We feel our strength is SEO and we have already invested our time in tools, learning and doing.  Therefore we feel that your time is probably better spent running your business, as any SEO task will take longer on a steep learning curve.

If you would like to use us to work on the suggestions we make, please do contact us.

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