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We help businesses in Devon grow by increasing their visibility in online searches.

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Search engine optimisation for Devon

Would you like to see your website on the first page of search engine results and stay there?

Would you like to grow your business, attract more organic traffic to your website and increase sales?


SEO Devon

Team Spotty out and about in Devon: Find out more about us.

With Spotty Dog search engine optimisation services, you can achieve this. Let us boost your website’s visibility and make it start showing up in organic search results pages on Google for terms that will drive visitors that are likely to buy from you, or ‘convert’ in SEO speak.

While we do offer our SEO services nationally, our focus really is on servicing the needs of small and medium-sized local businesses in and near Devon. We are a Devon SEO agency and this, along with work in our sister business, has allowed us to gain unique insights into the challenges commonly faced by local businesses and how we can help.

We believe our business experience, together with our SEO strategy, can take your business to the next level.  Find out how we could help you with our FREE, no obligation, website review.

(No prizes for guessing how we came up with our name!)  


How can SEO help my business?

SEO can help your business grow by increasing website traffic and lead to more high quality enquiries and more sales.  Search engine optimisation is the practice of improving a website to make it more visible to search engines like Google.  Our SEO process involves local SEO and improving, or ‘optimising’, web pages’ headings, content, images, page titles, meta descriptions, links to external and internal pages and technical SEO.

Your website is one of the crucial tools in promoting your business by attracting organic traffic, and it must be seen and heard!  SEO is part of a marketing strategy process that, with time and investment, can make a real difference to your business.

The result of high quality SEO is increased ranking in search engine results pages, an increase in site visitors (web traffic) and an increase in leads or sales.  Conversions will also improve with our focus on on page SEO conversion rate optimisation (the process of enhancing pages to make it easy for visitors to take the desired next step). 

We give honest, big-picture advice with a focus on what drives revenue and is most important to you.

Let us conduct a  free Spotty Dog website review to help you understand what changes we could make to improve local SEO and link building, and increase results pages rankings, visitors and conversions on your website.  We are passionate about rankings factors and SEO, for Devon businesses.

What do SEO Devon services involve?

In a nutshell we undertake extensive keyword research and make off-page (technical off page SEO) and on-page improvements (on age SEO).  We also create high quality, new, optimised content and develop industry-relevant link building. We will advise on whether pay per click advertising would be beneficial, along with looking at your social media and how your site performs on mobile devices. We also build new websites that are SEO optimised from the off to give you the best chance of showing up quickly in search engine rankings.

Depending on your needs and budget, our  SEO services follow some or all of the following strategy:

1) Work out the starting point

At the very start, we will audit your website and analytics setup to find out what’s working well and what it’s ranking for already. From that, we can see what needs improving. The SEO audit is usually done in the first month but ongoing monitoring is also part of the SEO package.

2) Understand your industry

We will research what competitors are ranking highly in your industry sector, keywords you should be targeting and backlink profile. This information will give us ideas and opportunities to improve your website ranking, drive traffic and increase traffic.

3) Work out your SEO strategy

Based on 1 and 2, we will create a list of the necessary actions to take to improve your website’s performance. The file will be unique to your business. Your list will include optimising existing website content, creating new content, local SEO and improvement of the off-site SEO.

4) Create relevant content

We will tweak the content that’s already there and create new blogs that answer as many search engine queries and questions visitors to your site have. In providing high quality content for your audience, your website should increase its brand authority and search engine ranking.

5) Ongoing SEO improvements

SEO is not a ‘done once’ task.  Done properly, and to get and maintain high rankings in search engines, you must make continual improvements to your website.  It’s important to keep adding new links and content, to keep monitoring competitors and changes made by Google search engine algorithms, and finding new keywords. 


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Spotty Dog SEO Devon


All our SEO and local SEO work is done by hand and we make sure every project we work on is entirely bespoke to your industry sector, your business and your needs. WordPress SEO is our preferred service.

Here’s how we can help you if you let us:

SEO consultancy

We will help you work out your SEO objectives and create a realistic strategy with you can follow. Or we can pick up bits for you.  Whatever is best.

Technical SEO

For maximum visibility we analyse your website and ensure the major search engines can easily find, crawl and index it.  This also deals with website load times.

Create content

New content is needed to answer the types of searches your prospective customer makes.  We will use the keyword research to optimise your existing content or create new copy.

Keyword research

Solid keyword research is the foundation of SEO.  We will research the search queries and phrases that are best for you and the stage of your business.

Page optimisation

We will optimise each key page for the most profitable keywords for your business and optimise your site’s URLs, images, headings and links.

Competitor research

We will research other website and your competitors, see what they’re doing well and assess their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll use this information to your advantage and boost your website’s rank and conversion rate.

Analytics set up

Analytics data is the best way to monitor how well a website is performing.  If you haven’t already got it, we will install Google Analytics on your site and monitor the effects the SEO services are having. If you haven’t installed GA4 we’ll do that too.

Local SEO

If you haven’t already, we will claim and verify your Google My Business listing and then set about optimising it, so that your business is in the first three map listings for local search results. We will add SEO schema as part of the SEO work.

Backlink analysis

Some backlinks can be harmful to a website’s potential ranking.  We will ask Google to ignore spammy links.  We will only add relevant, quality links that help your site. Backlink analysis is part of our technical SEO audits and overall SEO process.

Link building

Link Building through high quality links, as opposed to volume, is Spotty Dog’s preferred strategy and is a great way to improve your website’s ranking.

Would you like an honest review of your website?

Request our FREE spotty dog website review.
We’ll let you know how our SEO services could help you and which areas of your website need focussing on. Or find out more about why you need SEO for your business and which industries need SEO the most.

 How do I know if I need SEO services for my website?


When people using search engines for keywords and phrases related to your business, does your website appear at the top of results, or on the first page of search engines?  If the answer’s no, then you need san SEO company to perform search engine optimisation to reach more potential customers through organic SEO.

For many small and medium-sized businesses, not just in Devon, SEO can seem daunting. That’s where Spotty Dog SEO agency can help.  We can undertake an audit of your website and give you a step-by-step to do list, be your SEO team with our SEO packages, or pick up bits and bobs.  Whatever suits you best.  All you need to do is get in touch.

Below are a few more signs your website (and your business) would benefit from search engine optimisation SEO.

SEO devon
Your site doesn’t show in search results

Your website should rank highly for words and phrases linked to your business.  If it doesn’t appear on the first page, or top three map results for local SEO, it’s a sign you need SEO specialists.

Your site doesn’t get much traffic

Do you know how many visitors your site gets? With Google Analytics on your site you can analyse your site’s organic traffic. If organic search isn’t the top traffic driver for your site, it’s time to consider SEO help.

Your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate

SSL certificates keep data secure between servers and build customer trust. No SSL certificate means that your website will have ‘not secure’ in the toolbar, which equals a poor user experience.

Your traffic doesn’t convert

Your website connects with visitors and persuades them to buy your ‘thing’.  If people visit your site but don’t convert, it’s an indication that there’s something wrong with the overall user experience.  Investing in SEO packages can earn you more conversions and customers.

You don’t use content marketing

Search engines want to rank sites with valuable content that matches or answers people’s search queries. Your site’s content is highly important. Content marketing can increase rankings and allow you to create pages that are informative AND full of keyword rich content.

Your site is outdated and slow

Your website might have lots of old content and broken links. It might not be mobile friendly and you might be a bit embarrassed about it. It might have lots of duplicate content.  Resolving all the little technical improvements helps loading speed,  Google and the overall usability of your site.

Why Spotty Dog Devon SEO

We’ve heard from a lot of businesses that have been stung in the past by an unscrupulous SEO agency offering cheap one-size-fits-all set SEO packages.  Our beliefs and principles are to make sure search engine optimisation is easy to understand and transparent.  We’re an SEO company here to help and advise any business, whether you’re just starting up or established and growing.

SEO done properly is time-consuming, technical and methodical, but it isn’t rocket science.


  • We give honest, big picture advice and focus on things that are relevant to you
  • Your SEO campaign will be unique to you, not a one-size fits all package, and we will never lock you into a long term contract
  • We don’t use SEO jargon that you won’t understand to make us sound clever and there are NO sneaky add-ons
  • We really want to be part of your team, help increase your organic traffic and grow your business.  We probably give away a bit too much in the review, but we really want to help businesses (in Devon particularly).

How to get started

Are you interested in finding out more about how we can help you?  Get in touch and order your FREE website SEO analysis and we’ll send you our initial thoughts (with no obligation).

1. Order your free review

Tell us about your website, and any other information you want to add, like competitors and the keywords you’re trying to rank for.  We will send you a free review unique to your business.

In your review, we’ll analyse what technical improvements could be made, how well your website is optimised for search engines, how easy to navigate it is and what keywords it’s ranking for already.  Depending on your objectives, we will also take a look at your Google My Business listing, social media profiles and your pay per click ads, if you’re running any.

We will list our suggestions and recommendations for you, many of which you can implement yourself.

There is no obligation whatsoever to use our SEO services.


2. Pick a strategy

If you like what we’ve done for you and you’d like to work together, great!  We’ll find out a bit more about your business and goals and then give you some SEO options to choose from, depending on your budget and requirements.  All options begin with a website and SEO audit.  For example:


  • ‘DIY’ – we will undertake an in-depth audit of your website and competitors and give you a list of actions to take to optimise your website so it performs better than before.  We’ll be on hand for a half hour catch up each month to answer any questions.
  • Spotty ‘bits’ – You choose the bits you’re comfortable working on, and we’ll pick up the rest.  Depending on your budget and what you’re comfortable taking on, we agree how long Spotty Dog spends working on your site each month.
  • Spotty ‘done for you’ – we’ll work as part of your team to manage your SEO campaign for you, allowing you do do what you do best and focus on running your business.

We focus on the long-term, not ‘quick wins’ that don’t last. We do SEO properly.  When your website ranking starts to improve, so will your traffic.  Likewise, when your website is optimised well for conversions, your sales will increase.

We expect to start seeing results within the first six months, although this depends on how competitive your industry is. In the mean time you could always consider pay per click advertising. We also wrote a quick read on five ways to increase your website traffic.

A happy Devon SEO customer!

Our website just wasn’t getting any traffic.  Jo from Spotty Dog took a look and was able to increase our traffic volume by just under 100%, which meant we doubled our turnover in a year.
Gary Loader

Owner, Flooring and Carpet Centre

Still not sure if we can help you?

Let us conduct our free, no obligation, Spotty Dog website review and suggest steps to take to increase visitors (traffic) and sales to your website.  We will look at where you are now, the market you’re in and what some of your competitors are up to. Click below to get started or give us a call us for a quick chat

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SEO Devon FAQs

What do SEO services involve?

  1. Analyse current SEO – we audit your site and analytics setup to understand what is working well, and what needs a bit of help.
  2. Research your industry – we see what keywords and websites are ranking highly in your industry and analyse what your competitors are doing SEO-wise.
  3. Define an SEO strategy – based on 1 and 2, we draft a list of the most important actions to take to improve your website’s performance.
  4. Create relevant content – we tweak what’s there and create new content to make it answer as many search queries and questions visitors to your website have.
  5. Ongoing SEO improvements – SEO is never complete, it’s imperative to keep ahead of your competitors or newcomers and keep your business growing.

How can SEO help my business?

With time and investment SEO can make a real difference to your business.  Search Engine Optimisation can help your business grow by increasing website traffic which naturally leads to more enquiries and more sales.  SEO is the practice of improving a website to make it more visible to search engines like Google.  Our process involves local SEO and improving, or ‘optimising’, website pages, content and links.


How do I know if I need SEO?

Below are a few signs your website (and your business) would benefit from search engine optimisation services:

  • Your site doesn’t show up in search results
  • Your site doesn’t get much traffic/organic visitors
  • Your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate
  • Traffic doesn’t convert
  • You don’t use content marketing
  • Your site is outdated.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the method of altering a website to make it more visible to search engines like Google. The process involves developing, or optimising, pages, content, images, titles, meta descriptions, schema and links to internal and external web pages. It is a term for many strategies that work together.  Done well, SEO will result in increased website traffic, leads, sales and ultimately business growth.

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