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5 ways to get more traffic to your website

You’re not getting enough visitors to your site.

It’s time to get creative and try something new! 

We all want more website traffic that converts into leads and sales. If you’re not getting enough visitors to your site, I hope these 5 ways  to get more traffic to your website will be helpful!


1. Keyword research

Using keywords in your blog posts’ title, content and meta description helps your pages rank higher in search engines for relevant keywords and a more comprehensive range of related terms.

Here are some great free tools to use:


2. Don’t write pointless blogs

Write about what people are searching for, plus related questions found in ‘what people also ask’ in Google. Be a writer for the web, not just for print. Write with SEO in mind and use keywords that attract targeted traffic to your site. Create valuable content that your target audience will want to read.

Don’t be too promotional either – offer practical advice and don’t blatantly advertise your products and services in the article, or it’ll turn people off from reading anything else on your site.

Answer the public is a great way to find topics for your blog.

Look at the trending posts on Reddit, LinkedIn or Medium to find what people are interested in, and you’ll have a good start for topics.


3. Each service needs a page of its own

If you have a flooring business, for example, you would need to create pages for every type of flooring you supply eg carpet, laminate, wood, luxury vinyl, and for your best selling brands like Karndean and Quickstep.

That way visitors can more easily find what they are looking for and search engines can more easily index your site, and each page gets more chance of ranking for the specific search term. The page title should be the service name, and the content should include relevant keywords.

Images tell a story, too, so try to include pictures or video whenever possible – this can help draw people into your site and keep them there longer.


4. Write more content

Make sure your website’s pages answer all your customer’s questions and objections. Case studies, testimonials, and examples are a great way to do this.

Imagine your website is your best salesperson. Just because people are on your site doesn’t mean they’re convinced to buy. Make sure they can find the product or service you provide and that it’s easy for them to find out everything they need to know before they commit to purchasing from you.

Design people will say an image tells a thousand words, and brand is key. But we think that nothing tells a thousand words like a thousand words!

Your website is a sales machine first and a pretty thing second. (Although obviously, it needs to look good and offer a great user experience too).


5. Speed up your site

If your website doesn’t load quickly, your visitors will leave the page. The faster your site loads, the more successful you’ll be.

We think the best ways to speed up your site are to use a content delivery network, minimise the number of plugins you’re using and reduce your site’s code size.

The most important thing to do is optimise images so that they don’t take up much space on your server or slow download time.

You can do a quick test to see how fast your site is here right now by using a free tool like Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix.


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