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High converting, bespoke web design to grow your business.

Unique custom design.  Search engine optimised from the off.

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Web design Devon

We’re a web design company in Devon.  We help your business grow by ensuring you rank highly and stand out online with a stunning web design unique to your business.  Spotty Dog websites have the basics of search and conversion optimisation from the start to boost your online presence. You can be confident that your site will attract leads for your business and look great whatever the device your user is on.

In this digital age an online presence, or website, is almost mandatory whatever the size of your business.  We will refresh your current website or build you a completely new one.  Your web design will be built with user experience as its focus so it will work for you to convert browsers into buyers rather than just look pretty.

A Spotty Dog website will make the unique value and benefit of your services or product clear, after all that’s what sets you apart from your competitors!  We work extremely hard to make sure your online presence is exactly as you want it, from branding and design to content on the pages.

Truly ‘spotty dog’ website design for Devon businesses.

Our free Spotty Dog website review will suggest easy ways to improve your website, increase online traffic and improve your conversions.

What is the easy web design process?



We’ll use our unique combination of business and web design experience to identify your needs and understand your target market.  This information will help us understand you and make decisions about what elements, from content to design, you’ll need. Or simply sign up for a free review and we’ll analyse your current site.


Design and Content

We’ll start on your initial design focussed on user experience and how you’re uniquely positioned to help.  We will use strategically placed calls to action to increase your leads and make visitors know what they’re supposed to do next.  We’ll make sure you’re happy and then tailor the design and copy to your specifications.


Develop and Go Live

After we know you’re happy with the design, it’s time to build!  We’ll build your bespoke site with the functionality you need.  We will always optimise content on key pages and images for SEO as we go along.  Once you’re happy we’ll go live, submit to search engines, get more leads and convert more browsers into buyers!


Ongoing Support

When it’s live we won’t just leave you to it (unless you want us to), the best-performing sites are ones that get regular updates.  We work to set you apart from your competitors and we’re on hand to offer ongoing web design and SEO services (strongly recommended).  If they are suitable options, we can also discuss social media, Google or Facebook ads (PPC).

A happy web design customer!

I wanted to use a local Devon web design company to revamp my website and create a new logo.  The whole process was smooth, Jo understood our needs from the start and, once we’d seen the initial design, really just let her do her ‘thing’. Thank you Spotty Dog Digital Marketing.

Tim Shears

Director, Black and White Asset Finance

five star web design devon

What’s included in the web design?

What good is an all-sing all-dancing website that doesn’t convert? Our bespoke web design Devon doesn’t just look good, it converts visitors into buyers too.

Your website needs to look good AND make you sales, after all your website is often the first interaction people have with your business.

Our aim is to create a well-designed website, with well-written copy, to attract potential customers to get in touch with you.  As long as it is completely necessary for your purpose, we can provide:

  • Bespoke design and functionality that you’ll love
  • Mobile responsive, meaning the site resizes on each device
  • Conversion and search optimisation from the off
  • Clear and effective calls to action on each page that are optimised for higher conversion rates
  • Easy navigation and drop-down menus to make the buyer journey as simple and straightforward as possible
  • Click to call numbers and click to email to maximise mobile users’ conversions
  • Carefully written copy
  • Digital marketing including logo design and branding
  • Integrated blog (with tips for the first 3) ready to go live.  We can mange this on a monthly basis if you prefer
  • Sourced and licensed imagery
  • Hosting with SSL set up
  • Social media set up and integration
  • Online forms, email sign ups and Google map embeds
  • Google Analytics and Search Console set up and tracking
  • Local SEO
  • Monthly SEO

Devon web design built to rank

If your website hasn’t been indexed by search engines and can’t be found in searches, there’s no point investing in it.  It’s as simple as that. 

Organic leads and website traffic (people who find you through searches online) find you most through Google and if it isn’t ranking there, you are missing out on a great deal of potential business.

To give your website the best possible chance to rank well and succeed we will ALWAYS optimise it for search engines and conversions, which is something that not all ‘normal’ web design companies do.  Remember, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!  (We strongly recommend ongoing SEO services to build on the start). 


Here are the 10 effective steps we take to optimise your website:

  • We undertake keyword research at the start to see what you’re ranking for already and what you’re missing out on and should be focussing on.
  • We structure your site’s pages, URLs and headers
  • Your key pages will have optimised page titles and meta description (the bits you see in a google search)
  • Your key pages will have optimised copy (we can create the content for you or edit what you give us)
  • Your images will have optimised Alt text (how Google ‘reads’ what is in an image)
  • We’ll create and submit the website’s sitemap to Google (to tell it to crawl and index it)
  • We’ll submit your site to Google Search Console (to verify ownership and help monitor its presence on Google)
  • We’ll install Analytics to help spot future opportunities and monitor visitors
  • If it’s the right thing to do, we’ll embed Google maps (to help local SEO and people to find you easily)
  • We will see how/if you use Google My Business

That will give you the best possible start.  But as well as all that, to keep you rising up the rankings and stay there, we also recommend and offer ongoing digital marketingSEO and local SEO services.

website design devon

Would you like an honest opinion on whether you need a new website?

Get in touch and request our FREE spotty dog website review.
We’ll let you know whether a new website or a redesign should be a priority or not and why.

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website design devon

Web design Devon

Need a new website or a website redesign?  Click below and tell us what you’re after.  We’ll be in touch to arrange a FREE consultation and specification of your new website.  We’ll review your industry, your requirements and plan a new web design for you.

website design devon

Core Spotty Dog web design Devon components

We are a web design company designing and building websites across North, South and East Devon to generate traffic and sales for our clients.  Every Spotty Dog Digital Marketing web design project is different and unique to you, the customer.  After we understand (or help you to understand) your needs and target market, each and every one follows our website service principles.



The value and benefit of your service/product will be made clear through carefully crafted copy designed to maximise conversions.



Everything in the web design will make sense to visitors and serve a purpose eg carefully placed call to actions to maximise conversions.



Users will be able to find their way around the site easily and logically with only a few simple clicks.



The structure of the site will be easy to use and respond to customer’s needs and answer questions before they realise they have them.



The web design will be mobile responsive as standard and look great on all devices with consistent performance.



The bespoke design will immediately grab users’ attention (without being overly distracting) and trigger ‘this is for me’.

Devon web design services that rank

We believe a strong and well thought out online presence is the ultimate aim for any business working to grow their business. It’s all about creating something that’s right for your potential customers and for you, whatever your need is.

That’s why setting your website up to succeed is so important to us.

Our prices may be a slightly higher than some other companies offering ‘cheap web design’ but we simply will not create something that probably looks good but is more probably not going to get the visitors.  Our mantra is that you get what you pay for and we’re proud of the work we do.

Your web design is the thing that attracts visitors to your brand. So it’s important that when someone lands on your site they are impressed enough to stay AND can navigate to where they want to get to easily.  Ultimately that will generate a good ROI (return on investment) for you.

Spotty Dog Digital Marketing web design will highlight your unique selling points.  We build website pages with logical intent, a clear goal in mind, and carefully structure your site’s pages to reflect this.

We also recommend and offer an ongoing SEO services to give it the best possible chance to get to the first page of searches for your chosen keywords and convert those visitors into leads.

If you’re a local business we can set up your Google My Business listing and we also offer local SEO services to get you in the ‘map pack’ (the group of 3 businesses that appear on the map and in the box at the top of the page).

Our website designs are mainly built using WordPress as it’s the world’s most used platform and integrates well with everything from e-commerce to CRMs and bookings.

WordPress makes SEO easier and adding plugins means every imaginary website functionality is possible.  Most importantly it is easy for you to update your own website (if you want to).

Spotty dog web design ranks high.

Every Spotty Dog Digital Marketing business website design is priced according to the amount of work involved, there is no one size fits all package. The factors which define the price include the number of pages, how much new content is needed, how much existing content needs updating, whether branding and and a new logo is needed and whether images need sourcing.

We always agree a price upfront and there are no hidden extras.  We can also spread the cost over a few months.

Click below and tell us about your Devon web design requirements. We’ll be in touch to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs and give you a ball park price for the project.  Our give us a call for a chat if you’d rather speak to someone!

Still not sure if we can help you?

Our free, no obligation, Spotty Dog website and digital marketing review will suggest steps to take to increase visitors (traffic) and sales to your website.  We will look at where you are now, the market you’re in and what some of your competitors are up to.

website design devon

Website Design Devon FAQs

What are the benefits of website design?

Websites should be built to generate traffic and sales.  Your website should be your best salesperson, it will be working for you 24/7!

  • First Impression Counts – Your website is often the first interaction people have with your business and must give a great first impression.
  • Built to convert – Your website needs to do more for you than just look pretty. Every page should have a clear goal and purpose.
  • Copy that sells your benefits – The website copy must focus on how your product/service will benefit your visitors to increase your conversion rate.
  • Built in SEO – Basic search engine optimisation (SEO) should be built into the development process from the start as it is a crucial factor in successfully growing a business online.
  •  Mobile Friendly – Your site should work equally well on mobile devices as well as desktops. More than half of all searches are from mobile devices.

What’s included in website design package?

  • Bespoke design and functionality
  • Logo design and branding (if required)
  • Mobile responsive, meaning the website resizes to suit each device
  • Conversion and basic search engine optimisation from the off
  • Clear and effective calls to action on each page to get higher conversion rates
  • Easy navigation and menu layout to make the buyer journey as simple as possible
  • Click to call numbers and click to emails
  • Carefully written copy
  • Integrated blog (with tips for the first 3) ready to go live.  We can mange this on a monthly basis if you prefer
  • Sourced and licensed imagery
  • Hosting with SSL set up
  • Social media set up and integration
  • Online forms, email sign ups and Google map embeds
  • Google Analytics and Search Console set up and tracking

What does the website design process involve?

  • Understand you – We get to understand you, your business, what you want from your site and your future plans for growth.
  • Design and Content – We come up with what visitors will want from visiting the website and how you’re uniquely positioned to help.
  • Develop and Go Live – We’ll build the site with the functionality you need and optimise content, pages and images for SEO as we go along.
  • Ongoing Support – When it’s live we won’t just leave you to it (unless you want us to).  It’s important to keep your website updated regularly and we’ll give you full access and support to do this.
  • Recommend SEO – We recommend that you consider ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) services to get your site ranking well and attracting more and more visitors.

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