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Spotty Dog will make your website stand out from your competitors and deliver leads to grow your business.

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Web design services

We offer custom website design services to create modern, responsive and effective design and redesign. Spotty Dog websites are unique to you, capture your brand, get your message across clearly, improve your conversion rate and maximise your revenue to help your business grow.  Your business website design is often the first interaction consumers have with your organisation which is why it’s so important to trigger ‘this is for me’ within the first few seconds.  It’s also why website design services can have a big impact on your company’s growth.

Our professional web design sites all have the basic search and keyword optimisation from the off because we want them to have the best chance of being found.  A Spotty Dog website will be attractive and make the value and benefit of your services or product clear.  Most importantly it will be easy to navigate and structured to respond to visitors’ needs before they even realise they have them!

Our free Spotty Dog website review will suggest ways to improve your website, increase online traffic and improve your conversions.

What is the website design services process?

Understand You

We get to understand you, your business, what you want from your site and your future plans for growth.  We’ll use our unique combination of business experience and how-to-build-websites-that-do-the-job knowledge to do this.

Design and Content

We come up with what visitors will want from visiting the website and how you’re uniquely positioned to help. We’ll create content and mock up a homepage with strategically placed calls to action to increase your leads and make sure you’re happy with it.

Develop and Go Live

We’ll build the site with the functionality you need and optimise content, pages and images for SEO as we go along. Once you’re happy we’ll submit to search engines, go live and convert browsers into buyers! We recommend ongoing SEO to build on the start.

Ongoing Support

When it’s live we won’t just leave you to it (unless you want us to).  It’s important to keep your website updated regularly and we’ll give you full access and support to do this.  We do offer and recommend ongoing web design and SEO services.  It’s entirely up to you!

A happy professional web design customer!

Spotty Dog website services principles

We build websites to generate traffic and sales.  Your website should be your best salesperson, it will be working for you 24/7!

Every Spotty Dog website project is different and unique to you.  After we understand (or help you to understand) what you want from the site, each and every one includes the following key traits:

a) First impression counts

Your website is often the first interaction people have with your business and must give a great first impression. We believe that your website design should look great and trigger ‘this is for me’ to the visitor on whatever device they use to find you.  Because the information given on your website is probably the only means visitors have to evaluate the quality of your business/product/service, your website needs to look properly ‘spotty dog’. 

Before we start any web design services we’ll find out what you want to achieve and get a good understanding of your business and brand.  We’ll talk about your competitors and show you some things they might be doing better to get online visitors and conversions than you.  We’ll ask if there are any website designs that you particularly like, or elements you’d like to ‘steal’ and incorporate on your site.  If you are open to suggestions we’ll have plenty of ideas about how a great converting business website design should look.  Once we’ve met you and got a feel for the business we’re quite happy to go away and come up with a design, it’s often easier that way as then there is a basis for discussion.

b) Websites will be built to convert

Your website needs to do more for you than just look pretty.  If it converts more potential customers than any of your competitors’ it can boost the performance of all your marketing channels.  Every page should have a clear goal and purpose and that’s what we have in mind when we build websites.

All Spotty Dog websites are built with that clear goal and the aim of boosting the first impression of the user.  Each page is built with user experience in mind with carefully crafted copy focussing on driving attention to its primary goal.  Visitors will be able to find what they are looking for easily with our well laid out call to actions, whether they want to click at the top of the page quickly or take a more considered approach.  Our logical navigation structure will take visitors to the information they need quickly.

The Spotty Dog result is a bespoke website, built to your specifications, that you love and that converts your visitors into buyers.

c) Website copy will sell your benefit

Visitors to your site are only interested in themselves and how your product/service will benefit them so its copy must be focussed on that, not on you, to increase your conversion rate.  For example no one is really interested in when your business was formed and it’s timeline of change up until now.  But by demonstrating, for example, that because you are the longest running business amongst your competitors you set the benchmark in your industry and that’s what makes you the best option for your customers, THAT helps potential customers make their choice.

We believe that your website should be your best ‘salesperson’ and the more (relevant) content the better.  When a visitor lands on your site you have a captive audience.  If the content is about what they are actually searching for and answers all their questions and objections they are more likely to stay longer and turn into a customer (and your site is more likely to rank higher).

‘Normal’ web design companies will say that an image tells a thousand words, brand is key, and their sites will have little to no content but lots of fancy imagery.  At Spotty Dog we also think brand is important but believe that a thousand (relevant) words best tells a thousand words and that your website is a sales machine first and a pretty thing second!

We are more than happy to write optimised content for your site but we will also advise, edit and optimise your own if you’d prefer.


d) Built-in SEO and mobile friendly

At Spotty Dog we never ‘just do websites’, we will ALWAYS build basic search engine optimisation (SEO) into the development process from the start as it is a crucial factor in successfully growing a business online.  We begin our keyword research before even initial design because these findings have fundamental implications on the content of the site, the structure and sometimes even the brand name.  All the copy and the key pages will be optimised and we’ll submit your site to search engines to index and get you showing in the rankings.  Without this stage your website will be at an absolute disadvantage and won’t stand a fighting chance of performing as well as it can for you.  Your Spotty Dog Website will have the best start it can and we recommend and offer ongoing SEO packages to help get it attracting more visitors consistently to grow your business.

If your website is old and not mobile ready, people just won’t spend time looking at it.  They’ll choose your competitor with their shiny new website over you, even though you provide a better product/service and KNOW they’ll come back again and again if you can just get them engaged.  All our websites will look great on all devices and give a really good first impression to potential customers.  We know that people do judge books by their covers and businesses by their websites and we like ours to trigger the ‘this is for me’ straight away.  Very often your website your website and its content are the only means people have to personally assess the quality of your business.  Your website needs to look spotty dog!

The cost of an SEO ready Spotty Dog website typically starts from around £1000. Here are a few reasons why you need SEO for your business.


Core Spotty Dog web design services components


The value and benefit of your service/product will be made clear through carefully crafted copy designed to maximise conversions.


Everything on the site will make sense to visitors and serve a purpose eg carefully placed call to actions to maximise conversions.


Users will be able to find their way around the site easily and logically with only a few simple clicks.


The structure of the site will be easy to use and respond to customer’s needs and answer questions before they realise they have them.


The website will be mobile responsive as standard and look great on all devices with consistent performance.


The bespoke design will immediately grab users’ attention (without being overly distracting) and trigger ‘this is for me’.

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Need custom website services?  Click below and tell us what you’re after.  We’ll be in touch to arrange a FREE consultation and specification of your new website.  We’ll review your industry, your requirements and plan a new site for you.

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All pages will have optimised page titles and meta descriptions, SEO-optimised content and we will carefully structure the site’s URLs to feature researched keywords.  We’ll create and submit a sitemap, install Analytics and submit the site to Google Search Console.  We also offer and recommend an ongoing SEO service to help develop your site further and give it the best possible chance to get to and stay on the first page of searches for the chosen keywords. If you’re a local business we can set up your Google My Business listing and we also offer a local SEO service to get you in the ‘map pack’ (the group of 3 businesses that appear on the map and in the box at the top of the page).

Setting your website up to succeed by optimising as much as possible, undertaking keyword research and competitor analysis to assess what’s working and what isn’t is so important to us.  Our prices may be a higher than some other companies offering ‘cheap web design’ but we simply will not create something that probably looks alright but is more probably destined to fail by not implementing the crucial optimisation process.  Our mantra is that you get what you pay for and we’re proud of the work we do.

Our custom websites are mainly built using WordPress as it’s the world’s largest and most used platform and integrates well with everything from e-commerce to CRMs and bookings.  WordPress makes SEO easier and adding plugins means every imaginary website functionality is possible.  Most importantly it is easy for you to update your own website (if you want to).

Spotty dog websites look great and rank high.

Every Spotty Dog business website design (featured in Design Rush) is priced according to the amount of work involved, there is no one size fits all package. The factors which define the price include the number of pages, how much new content is needed, how much existing content needs updating, whether branding and and a new logo is needed and whether images need sourcing.  We always agree a price upfront and there are no hidden extras.

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